Airedale Terrier Puppies — The Rowdy Hunter

This dog may be loyal, but it takes a special kind of devoted owner to train him at the level he needs!

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The curly coated and loyal Airedale Terrier puppy can grow to become a fantastic working dog and family companion with a devoted and loving owner. While he may tolerate children if he is socialized with them from a young age, he would much prefer the company of his active adult humans and participating in constructive activities.

The working companion

An Airedale Terrier puppy, if not trained and worked, can became a hyperactive nightmare for his humans. He can develop an assortment of behavioral problems from leash pulling and jumping up to being pushy and demanding towards people. Use up his boundless energy through teaching him a skill that correlates with his instinctual drives.

This breed was originally bred as a talented and driven hunter. In fact, even with the highest level of obedience training it may be difficult to hold the attention of an Airedale if he sees a small game animal within his vicinity. His instincts may tell him to hunt pests on your property, but they can be redirected to more beneficial uses, including teaching him flyball or even fly disc. These items, the ball and disc, and entice him just in the same way a chipmunk might and he will forever love you for teaching him this game.

As a natural hunter, the Airedale is still used to hunt larger game in Canada. He would make an ideal hunting partner, and his physique allows him to safely and efficiently navigate bodies of water for the retrieval of fowl. After a long day's of work and training, your Airedale is content to lay at your side for rest and relaxation for the rest of the evening.

Groom him!

The curly fur that the Airedale is so endeared for is a constantly growing coat. Just like with a poodle, he will need regular visits to the groomer for fur clipped, ear cleaning and nail clipping. The fur is typically kept at a medium length to protect his skin and keep him warm during those times when he must leap into water and retrieve his game.

In between grooming, especially as a young puppy, it is important that you use a brush to run through his fur to rid him of loose and dead hair and debris to prevent matting. You can use this time to condition him to accept and even enjoy basic handling techniques that a groomer or vet will perform on him to get the job done. If your puppy can learn to relax and enjoy his spa day, he will be less stressed at the clinic or salon later on.


Socialization is a must for any Airedale Terrier puppy. While the breed is commonly somewhat friendly and accepting to strangers, they may not be so forgiving with children and other pets. Create controlled and positive situations for him to become comfortable around all kinds of people and other pets so he will be relaxed as an adult when these same situations happen in real life.

Along with socialization, it is of great importance that your puppy is given a strong foundation in basic obedience. This breed is highly intelligent, and can reach obedience on a competition level with a dedicated owner. Without the guidance and reassurance he should receive from his owner, he may attempt to take leading the human pack into his own paws, which will include pulling on leash, jumping up, and resource guarding.

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Not just a worker

It is common for an Airedale Terrier puppy owner to have acquired their new little one for nothing more than companionship. This breed makes a fantastic and loyal friend, and an unbelievable bond can grow between canine and human if the training and exercise is put into place starting at a young age. With a well started foundation of obedience and an active lifestyle, the Airedale Terrier quickly becomes a life long best friend.

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