American Eskimo Puppies — All Around Canine

Not just a farm dog, the American Eskimo can bring warmth and happiness to any household.

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An all around dog that comes in three sizes, an American Eskimo puppy can offer a lot to his home and family. Originally bred to be farm dogs and conduct and array of work, he is trustworthy, friendly, and full of talent. The toy, miniature, and standard American Eskimo are all one breed and their instinctual drives and personalities prove it.

Three sizes of farm dog

The standard sized American Eskimo tops his weight right around 35 pounds, making him a nice medium sized dog. As a puppy, the standard can easily learn to herd your flock of sheep or goats, or help pull small carts around the farm to aid you in your gardening. The miniature version of this fluffy white breed may reach up to 20 pounds at the most, and is still a hard worker when it comes to helping out on the homestead. Both of these sizes can be wonderful jogging partners and even a child's playmate.

The toy sized is easily confused with a Pomeranian due to their dainty stature and extremely profuse coat. However, he is the same breed as his standard and miniature counterparts, and may still hold the drive and desire to work alongside you. It's not uncommon to see the toy sized American Eskimo puppy beginning to learn Agility obstacles or developing a ball drive for flyball competitions. After a day of physical and mental exercise the American Eskimo is content to lay at your feet in the evening for some relaxation and family time.

Meanwhile, if your puppy is not given a strong foundation in basic obedience training along with an outlet to use up his energy and hone his instincts he may develop unwanted behavioral habits. A bored and inactive American Eskimo puppy may become an excessive barker, chewer and digger. They may also develop separation anxiety or obsessive behaviors such as spinning in circles. Provide an activity for you to do with your puppy every day. It can be simply learning a hide and seek game in the backyard with the kids or a more serious Agility competition to prepare for in the future. If he is provided with all the mental and physical exercise he needs, he will be a calm and relaxed dog when the time calls for it, such as indoors with the family.

Health check!

When you make the decision to bring home an American Eskimo puppy, make sure your chosen breed conducts genetic health testing on their breeding dogs first. This breed is prone to both hip dysplasia and retinal atrophy, both of which can be eliminated or lessened through healthy breeding adults. When these tests are done, each dog will be given a rating that will describe the health of their eyes and hips. This helps a reputable breeder decide when and if to breed their dogs, and to which other dog will make the best match to produce genetically sound puppies.

It is important to keep the eye ducts clean and clear of your American Eskimo puppy through out his entire life. Like many other small breeds, the toy sized version of this breed can develop tear staining caused by eye irritation thanks to their fluffy fur. Keep this area clean and dry by wiping with a clean cloth occasionally when needed. If left damp, skin irritation and fungal infections can occur, called hot spots. Your groomer can help to get rid of the rusty brown colored stains under your puppy's eyes so he looks clean and fresh at all times.

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Be his leader

Even as a young puppy, your American Eskimo will need an assertive but gentle leader to guide him through live in the human world. If you show incompetence as his leader, he may decide to take matters into his own paws by becoming bossy, guarding resources such as food and toys, and even become an excessive barker because he will feel the need to always alert his human pack of impending danger. Begin his training the day you bring him home using positive techniques and he will fit right in to any family setting.

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