Bloodhound Puppies — The Nose Knows!

While this breed is most known for his intense tracking ability, he is also a calm and patient canine companion.

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The Bloodhound puppy can be exceptionally cute with his long face and wrinkles, but he can grow up to 100 pounds and be a lot of muscle to pull on a leash. A gentle and forgiving companion, he is a wonderful companion around children and adults of all ages as long as he has been trained to be polite and not jump up on people. Walking this breed can pose challenges as his nose will always be to the ground picking up a trail as his instinctual drives tell him to. With training, exercise and an outlet for his drives he can make an exceptional addition to most family types.

Follow his nose

Created with a superior olfactory sense, the Bloodhound puppy takes to tracking like a duck to water! Many owners have reported problems training outdoors unless it involved nose work, because their dog's nose was always glued to the ground, following the next interesting scent. Because of the breed's scenting qualities, he provides life saving work as a search and rescue dog, cadaver dog, police tracker, bomb sniffer, and narcotics dog. Of course he also makes a wonderful hunting companion!

As a hunter, no other breed is quite the tracker. The Bloodhound puppy can be started on tracking early, and be conditioned to follow the specific scents of the game you are hunting for. He is not a killer, and will not attack and damage your game but instead leads you to it. He is the ultimate hunting partner, and with training can be your more valuable tool in the hunt.

For the non-hunting, non-working Bloodhound there is still a variety of options to put his nose to good use. A pet can learn the game hide and seek, in which he must find a treat or toy hidden somewhere within the house when you give him the command to do so. He can also search for a person hidden within the home or yard for a fun game that leads to a wonderful treat for him. Even though he tends to follow his nose, the Bloodhound needs regular daily exercise. He loves nothing more than to run freely, so trips to your local dog park or a large fenced in area with lots to explore will be an ideal way to spend an afternoon with your pooch.

The gentle house pet

Despite being such a superb tracking and hunting dog, the Bloodhound puppy is an incredibly gentle and forgiving house pet. He tolerates, and even enjoys, the company of children and adults of all ages. Games of fetch, tug, and performing tricks are right up his alley when it comes to spending time with the family. However, he does need an experienced owner or trainer to teach him the ropes of manners and etiquette around humans.

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Due to his enormous size, he cane easily knock over both children and adults if not taught to keep all four of his paws on the ground at all times. This, along with basic leash manners such as heeling, should be taught as a young puppy. Laying a strong foundation of obedience and manners for this breed at a very young age will pay off greatly when he reaches that 100 pound mark and he would rather pull your arm off than walk calmly beside you.

As his leader, you should be able to provide him an assertive but compassionate set of boundaries to stick by. He needs to know and accept that you are his leader, so he doesn't have to be in charge of the family. This can easily be accomplished through basic and advanced obedience along with other training such as nose work and trick training. Doing this will let him relax and become a happy, laid back companion instead of developing behavioral problems such as resource guarding and pushiness. With you as his loving leader, he can better enjoy life and follow your guidance.

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