Bullmastiff Puppies — Giant Companions

The Bullmastiff may look ferocious and be a reliable guard dog, but his kind nature makes him a gentle giant.

A Bullmastiff puppy is undeniably adorable with his wrinkled face, floppy lips and giant paws. With a patient and assertive owner, he can easily thrive with positive reinforcement. Typically, this breed needs no guard training as he is a natural guard dog. Not a biter or much of a barker, he will corner the intruder until you arrive to call your pooch off and let him relax. Gentle with children, he easily fits into most households and only requires a minimal amount of exercise to stay healthy. Overall, this breed can be a wonderful pet for almost anyone!

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The gentle guardian

While your Bullmastiff puppy may begin his guardianship job early on, even as early as 6 months of age, he is very gentle and forgiving with small children and even other pets. He carries a natural air of calmness and is more than happy to let your small children climb over him, pull his floppy lips and pinch his tail without even flinching. However, a strong foundation of trust and training must be laid before he can be totally trustworthy when not supervised.

When provided with consistent and rewarding training, a Bullmastiff puppy will excel quickly in his household as a loved and respected member of the family. He carried a high intelligence with him, which can make him somewhat difficult to train if the owner does not know what it is that motivates his dog. Typically, a high value food reward such as meat or cheese is plenty to help set the puppy up for success so that reliable and consistent behaviors will occur throughout his lifetime.

The Bullmastiff is not the type of guard dog that you would suspect of biting or injuring anyone, even an intruder. Instead of causing harm or damage to a person or other animal, he will corner it or pen it to the ground until his owner arrived to manage the situation. Naturally, the Bullmastiff will be offering his instinctive guardian traits even without training. He has a good sense as to what may be threatening and what is safe, but positive experiences in socialization during his fear periods as a puppy will dramatically impact what he considers safe.

Health concerns

Being such a large dog with a plethora of possible health conditions that plague the breed, he is typically a short lived companion. The Bullmastiff's lifespan tends to be cut at around 10 years of age. The breed is prone to different types of cancers, tumors, and bloat, all of which can be life threatening. Other issues such as eyelid issues and boils on the lips also plague the Bullmastiff.

However, eve with these large assortment of health problems some puppies of the breed will live full and healthy lives without any issues. When considering a Bullmastiff for your family as a loving companion, speak with different breeders about genetic health screening of their breeding dogs before making any decision to purchase. Ask to view the test results of such screenings as proof so that you know you are not buying from someone who is out to make profit instead of helping to improve the health of the breed they love. Steer clear of pet stores and most classified ads for this breed, as the health issues that can come with them are exceptionally expensive for both your wallet and your heart.

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Should you bring home a Bullmastiff puppy for yourself and family, you are in for a wonderful ride of loyalty, intelligence, grace, and kindness. High forgiving of mistake both from owner and family members, he is always willing to stick by your side and walk through life together.

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