Cairn Terrier Puppies — Independent Shaggy Dog

This breed may have been bred to flush out fox from their dens, but today they are family companions.

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The Cairn Terrier puppy is an active little dog that can carry out a variety of roles within his home. The well known Cairn Terrier who played Toto in the Wizard of Oz film brought popularity to the breed which brought on the world's love of them as canine companions. Even though he was bred to flush out pest animals from their underground dens in Scotland, today he is perform tricks for the cameras, competing in obedience trials, and being a best friend of both children and adults.

Intelligence in a small package

This breed is well known for his intelligence. If started on a strong foundation of obedience as a young puppy, your Cairn Terrier puppy can excel in a variety of roles within human society today. He makes an excellent companion for a human of any age as long as he is provided with moderate daily exercise, such as a long walk. He is known for his abilities as a watch dog, Agility competitor, hunting and tracking, and a trick performer. Cairns have even become successful as small breed service dog to help disabled individuals lead a more independent life!

Given his high intelligence, he will definitely need ongoing training into his adulthood. This breed loves to learn and perform when commanded. He also likes to figure out problems on his own, and make his own decisions. It is up to you to guide him through that process. Not providing him a means of work, whether it is doing cute tricks for a treat or fetching the newspaper, will create boredom that leads to behavioral problems such as excessive barking.

Training will also help to prevent the onset of small dog syndrome. Small dog syndrome is a collection of unwanted behaviors that a smaller breed may exhibit if he is spoiled instead of trained. Many small dog owners think that, because their dog is a much smaller size than typical, it is okay to skip out on basic obedience. They may carry their dogs instead of walking them, or allow their little ones to be pushy over possessions and attention instead of teaching them to respect the leadership of humans. All of this can be prevented with teaching basic obedience and leash manners. No matter the size of your pet, a dog is a dog and he should be trained as such! A Cairn Terrier puppy who has a leader to follow is much more relaxed and can enjoy life instead of trying to control it!

That shaggy coat!

Even though this breed tends to keep shorter, shaggy fur he actually does require quite a bit of specialized grooming. This is most often best done by a professional groomer so that he can maintain his natural look. Using clippers on his fur will take away that natural shag, and is not acceptable as far as his breed standard is written. However, many pet owners like the look of a clipped and neatly trimmed dog, so if he's simply a pet then his look is up to you!

For a proper look, the Cairn Terrier puppy should be conditioned to the feel of fur plucking. This may be uncomfortable at first, but with positive reinforcement, patience and practice he will soon look forward to his grooming sessions. This breed's grooming involves plucking out hairs from all around his body. Scissors can be used to tidy up his face. He should also be brushed several times per week to prevent matting from the loose and dead hair he sheds often. Without this routine of weekly grooming care, he could end up in a lot of pain from lumps of hardened knotted fur.

A healthy dog

The Cairn Terrier is, for the most part, a very healthy breed. Few genetic defects affect this breed, but consult your breeder about what health testing is done on their breeding dogs prior to acquiring a puppy. Do not over feed your Cairn Terrier puppy, as they are prone to obesity. Their moderate energy level means they won't really burn off their energy unless you take them for a walk, and over feeding will increase their chases of gaining weight that can lead to other health conditions, such as diabetes and renal failure.

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Your Cairn Terrier puppy can be your ideal canine companion with adequate training and patience. He will always want to be where you are, while also maintaining his independent nature. He likes to make decisions on his own, so provide a training routine such as clicker training that helps him to use his own mind to figure things out. Respecting this ability on your part will ensure a life long bond that is simply unbelievable.

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