Cavachon Puppies — Designer Friends

A fluffy designer breed, the Cavachon puppy carried charm, elegance, a compact size and a friendly personality.

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A Cavachon puppy may be a popular hybrid, or mixed breed, of dog among many pet lovers today due to his small stature, friendly personality and his soft, non-shedding coat. With the demand of genetically healthy, easy to care for and hypoallergenic dogs, the Cavacho made his way into the hearts and homes of pet lovers the world over. Intelligent, easy to train, easy to care for and always a constant companion, this puppy will fit in to most life styles and families without many issues!

Educate him!

Your Cavachon may be exceptionally intelligent thanks to his purebred parents', a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise, but that doesn't mean you get to skip puppy kindergarten or obedience class! In fact, it is quite the opposite. The smarter a dog is, the more training they need to keep their minds busy. This dog's love for learning should not be looks passed if you decide on this breed as your next canine companion. Cavachons are easily making a name for themselves in competition obedience trials and even teacup size agility courses!

Begin his training the day you bring him home! As a small dog, it can be easy to forget or ignore the fact that he still needs to learn boundaries and respect humans as leaders. If you cannot provide leadership for him, he will use his smarts to try and figure out everything on his own which may lead to behavioral problems later on. Start him right with basic leash manners, puppy socialization and beginning obedience so that you can better shape the perfect companion you expect your Cavachon to become as an adult dog.

Groom groom!

That non-shedding fur still requires some maintenance! A mixture of the long, soft fur of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the curly cues of the Bichon Frise have created a soft, long and slightly wavy coated dog. His will need clipped and groomed at least every six weeks or could become a dirty, matted mess. Daily brushings at home by you will greatly increase his skin and coat health and knock away any debris, dirt, or dead and loose fur that could turn into a tangle.

A large number of small dogs tend to dislike havig their feet touched. In between your training sessions as a puppy, your Cavachon should also have help working on regular handling exercises that a groomer or vet would perform. Handle his little paws and give them a slight squeeze. Give him praise and even a treat for each paw! Spread his toes out and add a little pressure to his nail and again, provide positive reinforcement! Rub his ears and lift his lips to expose teeth and gums as if you were about to brush his teeth. Pick up his tail and lift it a few times while keeping him calm and relaxed. Doing all of this will help him become comfortable in a grooming or veterinary office setting when a stranger begins doing all these same exercises later.

He's healthy!

Typically, carefully bred hybrid dogs are very healthy and sound pets. One genetic condition one of the parent breeds may carry may not carry over into his mixed breed offspring due to the mixing of the genes. To ensure that your new puppy will be both temperamentally and genetically healthy, talk with the breeder you have chosen about the genetic health the parent dogs have. Ask if they provide any genetic health testings prior to producing puppies, and if they have, ask to see the results!

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Because of the high popularity of the Cavachon, both puppies and adults are common place among rescues and shelters. While there are some reputable breeders bringing healthy and happy puppies into the world, there are even more deplorable breeders and those looking just to make a few quick dollars. These poorly bred puppies often end up in shelters, and tend to also live long and healthy lives once a forever, adoptive home is found. Don't rule out a rescue when searching for your Cavachon puppy, as your next best friend may be waiting for you!

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