Cavapoo Puppies — The Little Hunting Dog

Most often seen as companions, the Cavapoo is also a miniature sized hunting dog bred to perfection through multiple generations.

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The Cavapoo puppy is a hybrid, or mixed breed, created by crossing two purebred parents from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. This creates a small sized dog with an instinctual drive to hunt, retrieve, and please his humans. Meanwhile, he also excels at dog sports such as Agility, flyball and competition obedience. His purebred parents are experts in their fields of hunting, and he can obtain a combination of any of their personality and physiological traits.

A perfect hunter

Despite his smaller size, the Cavapoo puppy can grow into a superb bird dog or retrieving dog. His Poodle genetics give him the curly coat that must be kept trim, but also allows him for better movement in bodies of water while retrieving duck for his hunting human. The spaniel side of him also enjoys flushing out game for his human to hunt. Combining the two traits you would, theoretically, create a versatile hunting dog.

Being a mixed breed, however, the puppies produced from two purebred parents could come with a mixture of traits from either side of his genetic inheritance. Your puppy could be more drawn to water like a Poodle and enjoy retrieving, or he could be more driven to flush out flocks of quail from the brush for you to shoot. Either way, your puppy is driven to please you no matter what tasks you ask of him!

A contender

Outside of hunting, a Cavapoo puppy could begin training early and set out to become a champion in the competition ring. His energy and eagerness to please makes him a wonderful candidate for competing in Agility. In this sport, he must navigate an obstacle course, off leash, with your guidance. This will include hurdles to jump, and A-frame to walk over, tunnels to run in and weave poles to pass. His Poodle heritage gives him the extra ounce of intelligence that creates Agility champions and his spaniel side provides the energy and endurance to keep going!

Other than Agility, he can also bring home ribbons and titles in competition level obedience trials. He will have the drive to perfection and intelligence to succeed with proper training and your leadership! Flyball and course luring could help give his prey drive some control that he would normally learn in hunt training, and nose work such as search and rescue will make his brain and body work together.

A cuddly companion

More often than not, a Cavapoo puppy will be purchased or adopted for the sake of being a constant canine companion instead of any type of work or competition trial. With adequate exercise and basic obedience training, he can make an ideal pet for many lifestyles. His compact size and happy go lucky attitude makes him a wonderful traveling companion. The gentle and loving personality this hybrid carries with him makes him suitable for homes with respectful and gentle children or a closely bonded pet for any human with leadership qualities.

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With the popularity of designer breeds, more breeders are developing multi generation crosses to try and perfect the traits of the puppies they produce. This means that they can better guess at the physical and temperamental traits each puppy will have in comparison to breeding the two purebred parents together for a 50/50 mix. Adopting or purchasing a multi generation bred puppy will help to ensure the health as well of your new friend. Always ask any breeder if they conduct health testing of their breeding dogs first, so you will have an idea of what to expect out of your puppy in the years to come.

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