Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies — Enthusiastic Hunters

A lively and driven hunter, this breed is a determined worker and versatile in a wide variety of disciplines.

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If you are looking for a high drive hunting dog, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy is your new best friend! This dog is known to bring out hundreds of fowl in a single day from icy waters without slowing down. His unique, oily coat repels water naturally, keeping him warm in the coldest of bodies of water while working. When not hunting, this breed easily excels at a large number of other sports and is a calm and loyal canine companion when indoors with his family.

An incredible worker

This breed is a descendant of a number of other retrievers along with the water-loving Newfoundlad. Created to love the water, he has been used to fowl hunting since his creation. While he may be a little slow at learning things outside of his own instinctual drives, he is always eager to please and wants to follow his leader's guidance perfectly. However, if not trained he can become a more dominate dog and become pushy with other humans and canines. This is undesirable as it leads to behavioral problems including resource guarding.

As a pet, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy should be given an outlet for his instinctual drives if he is not meant to be a working or hunting companion. This can be done by simple trips to your nearest lake for a game of fetch in the water or learning another dog sport for fun such as Agility or flyball. Being a retriever, he can be a mouthy puppy and must learn the commands drop it, leave it, and get it. These will teach him to pick up, drop, or ignore an item that could be dangerous to his health should he swallow it.

Your puppy should be socialized from a very young age around other dogs. He is naturally happy and accepting of humans, even children, but he should be exposed to all types of people and dogs while still young in a positive and controlled manner. It is these positive experiences that help him to become a balanced and happy canine, not just exposure alone. If you cannot control the entire situation and be able to quit if it turns negative, then you should not expose your puppy to it as it can cause him to develop fear aggression or reserved behaviors. If he is allowed to interact with other, friendly dogs as a young puppy he will be able to learn the social skills needed to avoid disagreements and fights as an adult.

Start with a healthy puppy

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is, mostly, a healthy breed. They can be prone to eye problems and hip dysplasia. Before you make the commitment to bring home a puppy, check to make sure the breeder you have chosen conducts all needed genetic health testing on their breeding dogs. Doing so gives you a better idea when or if your puppy may develop hereditary conditions that could have been prevented or chances lessened with selective breeding on the breeder's part.

When the breeder has these tests conducted on their dogs, the information is gathered and sent to a lab. This lab will examine and rate the results using a scale to help the breeder judge the genetic health and breeding prospects of their dogs. This means that they can decide whether or not to breed a certain dog based on the condition of their hips or eyes, and the likelihood that the good or bad health will be passed on to the puppies produced. If you purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder, you will be able to speak with them about the results of their breeding dogs' health tests so you can make an educated decision on if one of their puppies is right for you.

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A tired retriever is a happy retriever

Because of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy's drive and craving for water and retrieving, he is best suited for an active and loving home. He would be happiest out hunting with his humans, attending family activities such as camping and swimming, or competing in Flyball competitions. A bored retriever will become destructive and very unhappy emotionally. If he is worked, either through jogging with his best friend or bringing in fowl from the water, he will be a happy and loyal best friend.

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