Chihuahua Puppies — Little Dogs, Big Attitude

This little dog with a big heart and attitude can be a force to be reckoned with, and is not for just anyone.

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In contrast to what many think about the chihuahua, these little dogs are not one to be messed with! They may be little, but even Chihuahua puppies will demonstrate their dominate personalities to strangers when the mood strikes them. This little dog, whil okay in a family setting, tends to bond with one person in a household and may become possessive over them. A tiny body with a lot of heart, the Chihuahua can make the most fantastic canine companion for a truly devoted and loving owner.

A courageous companion

Originally bred to be a companion, the Chihuahua puppy immediately makes his intentions clear with his owner. He wants their attention, care, and guidance. A strong foundation in obedience must be provided for these little guys, or they may develop a behavioral condition called small dog syndrome. While this sounds like an illness, it is actually a combination of unwanted and intentionally dangerous behavioral problems that far too many small breed dogs develop due to a lack of training and leadership from their owners.

A Chihuahua with small dog syndrome will become possessive over the person he has bonded with, and guard them as he would a toy or food. While many owners find this endearing, it is dangerous and can quickly lead to a bite. It is easy to let such a small dog develop these behaviors by simply allowing them to be pushy and let them do whatever they want. A Chihuahua's best chance at succeeding healthfully in a companionship with a human is to provide them with a concept known as nothing in life is free. This teaches the dog patience and trust in their human, so that they may be relaxed instead of on edge. This process asks the dog to perform a simple behavior before receiving anything he may want, including his meals or time on his owner's lap. The simple behavior may be nothing more than sitting and waiting until his dish has been set on the floor and you backed away a few paces, or ask him to lay down before jumping onto your lap. It's a barter system that dogs learn well, and your Chihuahua puppy will be more than happy to learn and respect it.

Four on the floor!

While it is so tempting for a Chihuahua puppy parent to pick up their darling little one and carry him from point A to point B, it can increase his likelihood of developing small dog syndrome as well as obesity. This breed is prone to weight disorders, and not allowing him to obtain exercise from ordinary daily walks only harms his health and mental well being. As a puppy he should learn basic leash manners just like any other sized dogs along with basic obedience. A puppy as young as 8 weeks old can begin to learn basic loose leash walking through fun training games and play.

There are many products on the market these days for carrying purses and strollers for little dogs like Chihuahuas. Unfortunately, owners abuse these items and use them as a daily outing tool instead of a rare occasion as they should be used. Chihuahuas can be high energy dogs and should be given an outlet to release their energy, even if it is just a walk.

Begin healthy

Unfortunately, the Chihuahua carries a plethora of possible health problems. Luckily, many are preventable with proper care and prevention. Because Chihuahua puppies are so small, they are susceptible to bone fractures and breaks when very young. Take caution when your puppy is not crated or confined to not step on, kick, or otherwise cause damage to your little one. Always keep an eye out as to where he is at all times to prevent him from getting hurt. This breed's eyes protrude from their skulls due to the shape of their head, and sometimes end up with eye damage or objects on their eye. Check a Chihuahua's eyes daily for scratches, damage or debris to prevent infections and irritation. All small dogs have a tendency to develop tooth and gum problems, but Chihuahuas are one of the most well know for gum disease and tooth decay. If you feed your puppy a kibble or canned diet, be sure to brush his teeth daily with a toothbrush and paste specifically made for tiny dogs.

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Speak with your chosen breeder about any health testing their parents have gone through prior to purchasing a puppy. Chihuahuas are prominent in shelters and rescues as well, and can make fantastic canine companions. Over all, this breed is strong willed and even stronger at heart. He deserves an owner that can lead him using positive reinforcement so that he can become a relaxed and happy best friend.

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