Chinese Crested Puppies — A Rare Charm

A rare yet popular breed, this dainty dog is uniquely structured and full of charm.

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Probably one of the most unique breeds in the dog kingdom is the small Chinese Crested. This breed comes in two varieties, the hairless and the powderpuff. The hairless is mostly bald with fur on the head, feet, and tail. The powderpuff has a unique fur type, as it is silky and curly, and is fully covered. Despite their popularity, they are still rare amongst pet owners. This breed, originally bred to hunt pests on ships, has found its way into the hearts and homes of it's admirers and makes a wonderful canine companion.

Littler charmer

Chinese crested puppies are known for their charming personalities and dainty features. Small and lean, these dogs make excellent lap dogs and constant companions for their humans. In fact, this breed is so charming he may weasel his way into small dog syndrome. Small dog syndrome is a string of unwanted behavioral traits such as resource guarding and refusing to walk on a leash. Many owners desire to carry their little one around in a carrier or purse instead of allowing the dog to walk on his own four feet, big mistake! This little dog needs an assertive leader to follow and boundaries to learn so that he may feel relaxed and secure in his relationship with his people.

Many people may consider the hairless Chinese crested to be so ugly that it is cute. This became more apparent when an elderly ambassador of the breed received the Ugliest Dog award due to his lack of teeth and other health conditions. However, when the Chinese crested is kept healthy and well groomed he is actually quite the little stylish pooch and will turn heads during your daily walks.

While he is still a young puppy, socialize your Chinese crested well with other people and animals. Without these important positive events in his early life, he may become fear aggressive and reactive towards other people and pets you may see every day during exercise. He also may not easily welcome the petting from other humans if he is not allowed to learn that they are nothing to fear. By socializing at a young age, you are teaching him that other people's attention brings positive rewards and he will accept all the attention he is bound to receive when out and about in public spaces.

Health concerns

For the Chinese crested puppy, there are quite a few health concerns that must be taken into account by his new owners. If a hairless puppy was purchased, you must consider the health of his bare skin. He will not have the safety of fur to protect him from the glaring sun that can cause burns or the biting cold that can make his skin crack and bleed. In the winter, he must wear warm protective dog clothing for his own health. In the summer, providing him with sunblock is a must to keep him comfortable and safe from sun poisoning.

The powderpuff variety will need regular grooming to keep him healthy. If he is not brushed and clipped at least every 6 to 8 weeks he may become matted. Matting occurs with dead and loose hair tangles in living hair, causing a big tangle. The tangle traps dirt and debris, which can lead to skin infections making the dog very uncomfortable. Train your Chinese crested puppy to accept and even enjoy common handling exercises that a groomer and vet will perform, so that he will readily accept such handling without fear.

Dental concerns are very predominate in this breed, so a puppy should be taught to accept daily tooth brushing! The hairless variety tends to have more cases of teeth falling out than their powderpuff counterparts. Typically, the first teeth to go are the front-pointing canines. Feeding a fresh diet coupled with tooth brushing and yearly dental exams can help to ensure that his teeth and gums stay healthy and free of disease.

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Your best friend

Even though this breed was created to hunt and dispatch pests, today they are revered as loving constant companions. As this breed may bond more closely to just one person, they are best suited for an all adult home, or a home with older and respectful children. Due to their size, it is easy for them to get injured by humans accidentally, so a calm home is usually better for their health and safety. When a Chinese crested puppy is brought into a loving home, they tend to stay there for the rest of their lives as their humans are completely devoted. Not seen often in rescues, the Chinese crested is a rare breed that finds his forever home straight from the home of his reputable breeder. A rare charm, anyone who adopts this breed never regrets it!

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