Chiweenie Puppies — An Energetic Mix

Designer breeds are becoming more popular, and the Chiweenie is no exception with his compact size and energy.

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When considering adopting a mixed breed dog for a canine companion, you may see many Chiweenie puppies and adult dogs for sale or ready for adoption from a shelter or rescue. This mixed breed dog, produced from purebred Chihuahua and Dachshund parents, is a popular choice of an energetic companion that can form a tight bond with his human. Small, agile and full of personality these dogs can vary greatly from one puppy to the next even within the same litter!

Compact companion

Just like his purebred parents, the Chiweenie puppy is small in size but with a big personality. However, because he is a mixed breed dog he may come with any combination of traits and instinctual drives from his parents. Like a Dachshund, he may be prepared to chase squirrels and dig into vole dens. On the other hand, he may be more content to go where you go and be a constant friend by your side like the Chihuahua.

Despite the variances that can occur even within one litter as far as each individual puppy goes, he will need assertive but gentle training by you. Being a small dog, he is prone to developed small dog syndrome, which is a string of unwanted and even dangerous behaviors that the dog will naturally develop due to error on the human's part. These errors include not allowing the dog to walk on leash, but instead carrying him from one place to the next. Just like any dog, he has four legs and he should be allowed to use them for exercise! Because of this, he should be taught basic leash manners just as if you would teach a large breed dog to heel at your side. This not only teaches him to behave and respect your leadership but helps to develop a strong and lasting bond.

Your Chiweenie's personality is not the only thing that can be varied within a litter, but his physical traits can be completely different from his litter mates as well. He can have a short coat, long coat or wire coat depending on the genetics of his parents. His ears could stand erect or fold and his color could be anything from a solid buff to spots or even black and rust. You can get a better understanding of possible colors within a litter by looking at the parents and their genetic histories.

Hybrid vigor

The health of mixed breed dogs is somewhat of a controversy. It is true that some mixed breed dogs can lead healthier lives than their purebred counterparts, but it really all depends on the parent's genes and breeding practices. If a breeder mates two purebred dogs of different breeds and they both have poor hips, the chances of your puppy developing hip dysplasia is high. If a breeder combines two genetically sound dogs of different breeds together, the resulting puppies should, theoretically, be healthy as well. However, hybrid vigor does play a role in some instances.

Hybrid vigor comes into play when one breed is more prone to an illness than another, usually due to a small gene pool or the general physique of one breed. The Chihuahua for example tends to have eye problems due to their eye protruding from the skull. Breed the Chihuahua with a Dachshund, a dog without protruding eyes, and the puppies are more likely to have healthy eyes.

It's a guessing game

When searching for a Chiweenie puppy to add to your family, consider adopting from a shelter. It has become extremely difficult to find reputable breeders for hybrid dogs, as more and more people are not taking the animals' welfare into account, and tend to produce puppies with illnesses and deformities. Due to their popularity, the Chiweenie is easily found in most shelters and rescues.

If you do, however, find a reputable breeder ask them about their breeding dogs' health and temperaments. Also inquire about past puppies produced, how their temperaments and health turned out as they grew. Doing so will give you a better idea of what your puppy will be like as he grows up. Keep in mind, though, that mixed breed dogs are truly a guessing game in how they will look, what drives they develop, and other personality quirks. If you can provide basic training and sound leadership, though, any Chiweenie puppy will develop a close and unbreakable bond with you!

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