English Setter Puppies — The Silent Hunter

These puppies may make wonderful family pets, but excel even more at field trials and regular hunting work.

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If you can provide authoritative and calm leadership to a high energy, high maintenance puppy then the English Setter may be the pet for you. This breed makes a wonderful jogging partner, and virtually requires a fast paced and rigorous walk or jog on a daily basis to be a mentally and physically sound pet.

Teach them early!

English Setter puppies should be taught early on both in basic obedience and manners, and any work you intend for them to do. While this breed was created for the sake of hunting, he can perform in the agility and obedience ring if he is started at a young age with a strong foundation. Left to his own accord, he can become a willful and difficult dog to live with. The English Setter puppy has been reportedly difficult to house train, especially by inexperienced owners and trainers.

This breed is most definitely for an active, dog-savvy authoritative person or family. Even as a young puppy, he should learn how to heel or at least walk on a loose leash. No one wants to be pulled around by an eighty pound adult dog because he was not taught basic leash manners as a little one! While he loves to play with other dogs, socialization should be taken seriously during this puppy's fear periods so that he learns who to properly socialize and communicate with others of his kind to prevent any fears or aggressive tendencies later on in life.

The English Setter is known as the silent hunter. He is typically a very quiet dog, making him an ideal hunting companion for those humans who enjoy it. With your help, your puppy could develop and fine tune his hunting instincts to be an effective working dog or perform well in trials. The term setter comes from the dog's ability to almost sit down completely when he comes across the animal the team is hunting, alerting the humans as to where the game is located.

An active, energetic pet

Your English Setter puppy can do far more than just hunt, compete in agility or obedience! As a pet he can learn various nose work games, such as hide and seek with the kids! His high intelligence, instinctual drives and energy encourage him to keep busy at most hours of the day, making him a wonderful child's companion.

Due to this high energy, your puppy may not do well in an apartment situation. He needs at least a medium to large size yard or a few jogs a day to really work out all that energy. If he is left to deal with it on his own, he will become frustrated and develop behavioral problems that you will have to deal with later. These issues can be anything from destructive chewing to improper potty habits. Even though he is typically quiet, a frustrated English Setter puppy with too much unused energy may begin barking at every sound he hears. Don't let your puppy get that way by providing both mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis!

A typically healthy puppy

For the most part, this breed is a pretty healthy one! Suffering from few genetic disorders, the breeding parents of your puppy should be screened for hip dysplasia before a pairing takes place. A reputable breeder will be happy to show you the results of your dog's parents' hip ratings.

Along with rigorous exercise, you should be mindful over the food your puppy eats. Prone to obesity, provide only top quality food with whole food ingredients in proper proportions. An overweight English Setter puppy will have an increased risk of hip and joint problems later on as well as organ diseases.

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Your best friend

If training, exercise, and some type of work can be provided for your puppy throughout his lifetime, you are guaranteed a best friend for many years to come. The English Setter puppy is incredibly loyal, energetic, intelligent, and makes a loving and quiet best friend.

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