Giant Schnauzer Puppies — A Good Pet, A Great Worker

As a versatile worker, the Giant Schnauzer puppy catches on quickly with virtually any task his owner expects of him!

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Originally created in Germany to help drive cattle, the Giant Schnauzer has proven himself to be a dedicated and intelligent working dog. His courageous and loyal temperament has helped him escel in Schutzhund as well as police and military work. Not surprisingly, he is still used for this type of work today and also finds himself to be a loving and gentle companion in the home of a family. With consistent and positively reinforced training, he can become a wonderful pet, jogging partner, agility competitor or farm dog.

He needs training!

To gain the calm and respectful nature of the Giant Schnauzer puppy you must first start with a foundation of obedience training using positive reinforcement along with exercise and socialization. Without exercise and mental stimulation he can very quickly become a hyperactive dog, knocking over small children and developing behavioral problems such as destructive chewing and excessive barking. However, a daily jog, a run through an agility course, or a vigorous game of ball will use up the bountiful energy resources he has so that he can be even minded in the home environment.

With a high intelligence, his mind also needs worked regularly. This can be done through fun games like hide and seek or freestyle dancing or with actual work as a search and rescue dog, therapy dog, or K9 partner. In the competition ring his loyalty and eagerness to please his owner shines during rally obedience, flyball and agility trials.

While the Giant Schnauzer is naturally a kind dog, he can become reserved towards strangers, other pets and children if not socialized correctly. His natural instinct is to herd and protect his live stock or pack, including his humans. Without the knowledge that can be gained through positive experiences in socialization he can even become fearful with unknown people, items, sounds and other animals. Provide for him the opportunity to learn and flourish as a young puppy to prevent these problems later on, when they become more difficult to fix.

He needs grooming!

The word Schnauzer came from the German word for muzzle, as this breed's distinguishing physical characteristic is his unique haircut around his face. Typically, the Giant Schnauzer is groomed to be given the look of a beard and mustache. His wire hair needs to be completely cut at an even length along his body, legs, neck, chest and belly at least four to five times a year. His fur can easily become a matted mess without keep it short and clean.

Luckily, the wire coat also means little to no doggy odor! One of the most beneficial traits for dog lovers who hate odors is the lack of foul smells that come from the Giant Schnauzer, even as a puppy! His grooming is simple and easy to master once an owner learns how to do it. As a puppy, provide training exercises with different handling techniques so that he can become comfortable and relaxed during nail trimmings, fur clippings, and teeth brushings.

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Typically healthy!

While this breed is prone to cancer and bloat, he is typically a very healthy dog living up to 15 years until his age takes him. With exercise, an ideal diet of high protein and healthy fats with minimal or no carbohydrates the Giant Schnauzer puppy can grace a household or working life for a long time, filling the need of an extra set of helping paws as needed.

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