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Solitaire Fantasy - Card Game

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Classic TriPeaks Solitaire

"Solitaire Fantasy" is a phase-gate elimination casual game! The gameplay goes behyond the simple elimination, various props and hidden cards in the levels, such as bombs, traps, baits, gold cards and other elements, will apear in the levels to make it more interesting and exciting. you need to make reasonable use of these resources to achieve higher combo points in the game to get more rewards.You will experience an a large number of different styles of scenes, so that it was like a wonderful trip while playing the game. Even if you enter the same level, the card type will be different. So many differences create an ever-changing world and There are all kinds of games to play just in one level! There are hundreds of levels of different playing methods in the game. Futhermore, more levels are coming soon, which will be a great choice for you to relieve pressure and relax!

Our game is a clever combination of card games and match-3 game, resulting in wonderful sparks and fun playing way.

Without cellphone data, you can still play the game easily and happily at anytime and anywhere.

Its highly creative game design will break your limitations on ancient card games ,If you like the game which likes Pyramid Solitaire, Classic Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Freecell, some puzzle games or tile-matching games, why not choose "Solitaire Fantasy".

"Solitaire Fantasy" features:

1、Creative design gives you a new experience.

2、Beautiful scenes that let you experience a trip during the game.

3、Wonderful feature cards, take you to unlock more game mysteries.

4、The best companion, you can play anytime, anywhere.

5、Hundreds of different levels to challenge.

6、Easy and fun to play.

7、Cute Pets

8、Suitable for players of almost all ages.

By lili Jiang

Solitaire Fantasy - Card Game: Premium Features

[$1.99 FREE] 15,000 coins: Get 15,000 coins
[$4.99 FREE] 40000 coins: Get 40,000 coins
[$9.99 FREE] 85,000 coins: Get 85,000 coins
[$19.99 FREE] 17,5000 coins: Get 17,5000 coins
[$29.99 FREE] 275000 coins: Get 27,5000 coins
[$49.99 FREE] 46,5000 coins: Get 46,5000 coins
[$99.99 FREE] 1,000,000 coins: Get 1,000,000 coins
[$0.99 FREE] Wild Card: Wilds can clear 1 card from the play field!
[$2.99 FREE] Volcano Card: Removes 5 random cards from the table.
[$49.99 FREE] Coin Special Offer

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