Springer Spaniel Puppies! Working Partner, Family Companion

The springer spaniel puppy is most certainly a joy to have in a home. These bouncy little bundles can be full of energy, so quick to learn their basic commands, and always want to be with their human pack. Their soft fur, the long and wide ears and their beautiful liver and white coloring make them a welcome constant companion in a family, and their drive to work and please their humans makes them fantastic working partners in a variety of fields. As a puppy, this breed can be rambunctious but so quick to learn their boundaries if taught correctly.

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Is a springer spaniel the right breed for you?

Over all, the springer spaniel puppy is a happy and loving little canine friend. They are even tempered and gentle, making them wonderful playmates and lifelong friends for children. This breed is highly intelligent and talented in a variety of skills. Your springer puppy will be a fantastic family member and can also excel in hunting and retrieving, or winning ribbons at your local conformation show. While this breed is playful and full of love, they also require an owner with a calm and easy going nature to guide them into doing the same. This breed can become labeled as hyper active and show signs of separation anxiety such as excessive barking and chewing when their owners do not provide the needed mental and physical exercise their require. Even as a puppy, these needs must be met so they do not develop these problems so early in their lives.

When making the decision to bring a springer spaniel puppy into your life and home, you must first choose which type of this breed will thrive within your life style. The two types consist of a field type and a show type. Field types tend to have shorter hair and less attention paid to their coloring. This dog will require gentle but assertive leader to teach him the rules of the home and what it is that you expect out of him. A field type springer that is left to his own vices may become pushy, hyper active, and develop a plethora of behavioral problems including jumping up, chewing, potty problems, and much more. The other type, the show type, will have longer hair and more liver than white on his body most of the time. This dog is better suited as a family companion and has a more easy going nature, but often times can also be versatile in working. You may even see these dogs competing in the Agility ring or playing Flyball.

Springer spaniels absolutely love water, as their instincts have been bred into them for many generations, even in show line dogs, for the need to retrieve water fowl that has been hunted by their human. Because of this, any pet springer may not be trusted around pet birds or even wildlife, but may find great joy in controlled swimming fun with their family.

Be your springer's leader!

During adolescence it is greatly important that a springer puppy is socialized among many different people, animals, and environments. Between the ages of 8 weeks to 12 weeks old and again at around 8 months of age for about 2 weeks your puppy will go through what is called a fear period. This time period is when your puppy can be imprinted on to learn how to react to new and seemingly threatening situations. A springer who is not properly socialized may become extremely frightened and shy away or eve offer a growl if he is unsure of what to make of a situation. However, if he is socialized in a controlled and positive way, meaning that during socialization his experiences are positive and fun, and not forced or scary, he will welcome new things as something fun to explore!

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Keep in mind that your super cute springer spaniel puppy will eventually grow into a beautiful medium to large sized dog, living on average of about 13 years. They can find themselves struggling with health problems such as hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Make sure that the breeder you come to purchase your puppy from does all necessary genetic health testing on breeding parents before you make that commitment! Purchasing a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder, or adopting from a rescue or shelter can be a rewarding experience for both you and your new springer spaniel companion!

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