Tibetan Mastiff Puppies — The Ultimate Status Symbol

Largely considered a symbol of one's wealth and power, this massive dog is also loyal with a few extra pounds of fluff!

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Looking ferocious, the massive Tebetan Mastiff puppy is actually a calm and delightful dog to have in the home. He is courteous with other animals and loyal to his family, even gentle with small children! While he is naturally a guard dog, he is not a vicious dog and is typically very quiet and polite when given a strong foundation of obedience training with positive reinforcement. As rare as he is, he is well known as one of the most expensive puppies one could bring into their lives with some puppies as costly as ten thousand US dollars!

Show off

Many Tibetan Mastiff puppy owners throughout the world see the use of the breed as simply a status symbol. This dog, impressive in size and calm in nature, is purchased to show off the wealth of the owner due to the dog's extremely high price tag from a good breeder. Once brought home, though, the puppy quickly wins his way into the hearts of the family and is a devoted member of the household.

As he grows up, the Tibetan Mastiff puppy will reach a size between 140 and 200 pounds! To top off his muscular build, he has extra thick layers of double coat under his medium to long length top coat, making him look even larger! When groomed to show in the conformation ring, his fur along seems to take on it's own personality, nearly engulfing his face with so much fluff!

It is common for when a Tibetan Mastiff puppy is on a walk with his owner to be thought of by passer by as a Rottweiler mix, or some other breeds similar in stature and color. This is mostly due to the rarity of the breed itself, especially in America. Few know of the dog's existence and even fewer have ever seen one in person! To even meet a specimen of the breed is quite an honor and leaves a lasting impression.

Small gene pool

Due to the rarity of the breed, the Tibetan Mastiff suffers from genetic defects and illnesses that are common from a small gene pool. His large size makes him prone to hip dysplasia, and before purchasing a puppy from a breeder demand to see any test results from the parents showing the ratings of their hips. This will help you make a better decision on whether or not you want to purchase a puppy with a higher chance of obtaining this painful and degenerative condition.

Other problems, such as with the thyroid and skin, are also common. Providing adequate exercise, gentle and regular grooming along with a proper diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates will greatly increase his chances at a healthy thyroid, skin and coat.

One fatal disorder that the Tibetan Mastiff puppy is also prone to is the Canine Inherited Demyelinative Neuropathy. This is most often seen in puppies around 7 weeks of age and the puppy will die by 4 months of age. This disorder will make itself known in young puppies as they begin to show weakness in their hind legs. It will progress until the puppy is completely paralyzed. As of today, there is no known treatment or cure for this deadly condition.

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When you consult a breeder to possibly bring home one of these gracious and intelligent puppies don't be afraid to ask questions about the genetic health and longevity of their breeding dogs. Any passionate breeder will love to talk these things through with you and help you decide if one of these impressive dogs is right for you and your family.

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