West Highland Terrier Puppies — Spunky Little White Dog

This lively little dog loves companionship, learning new things and impressing your friends with tricks!

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Originally bred to control small game populations around the farm, the West Highland Terrier puppy prefers to be where you are and always involved in family activities. This little spunky dog is similar to a Cairn terrier though he carries a bright white fur color. Playful, energetic and friendly, he is always willing to meet new people and pets as long as he has been socialized from a young puppy. Your Westie puppy is one who will eagerly travel with you on vacation and keep a sense of humor within your home.

A family companion

The West Highland Terrier puppy should be well socialized so that he is accepting to all types of people of all ages. Typically, he is fond of children if they are gentle with him and respectful. When socialized with other animals he is also accepting and will enjoy the company of other dogs. Cats, however, he is more likely to chase considering his instinctual drive is that of a small game hunter!

This little dog easily adapts to change and handles stress well. Moving from a large abode to a smaller one, or vice versa, is easy for him to handle. He is also a great travel buddy and will keep you company while on the road, during vacations, or other journeys.

All members of a household should join in on his obedience training and socialization as a young puppy. If not shown consistent and gentle leadership by his humans he may try to take the role of pack leader himself. Doing so will bring on unwanted behaviors including resource guarding and even snapping at other animals and humans if he feels they are a bother. Provide him with early foundation training in obedience and you can stop this issue far before it even gets a chance to arise!

A natural watch dog

Even though the West Highland Terrier is a small dog, he is a natural watcher! This can be a problem for some owners, and teaching him commands such as “Enough!” or “Quiet!” will be needed to prevent excessive barking at noises and guests. Otherwise he will want to alert you to every single thing he hears just in case it may be a threat!

You can turn his natural instincts into fun games, though! You can train him to learn how to bark or watch on command, just like you can teach him how to quiet down on command. He can easily learn advanced obedience and even compete in trials. Your puppy can be introduced to these commands at an early age to give him a head start.

Aside from competition and watching, you can trick train your puppy! He can learn any trick that he can physically do with the right training, and you can show off to your friends just how smart and well trained your little white dog is! Furthermore, he can even audition for media, such as pet modeling and even acting if he is successful in performing tricks.

Start with a healthy puppy

The West Highland Terrier is, unfortunately, prone to some health conditions that may be prevented or less likely to occur if you purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder. One such disease is chronic hernia. Speak to your breeder before purchasing and ask if they perform any hereditary health testing on their adult breeding dogs. This will help you make a sound and educated decision in whether or not you should buy one of their puppies!

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Aside from genetic health problems, your Westie is also prone to obesity and diabetes caused by a lack of exercise and poor diet habits. Provide a high quality diet for your puppy from the beginning, preferably with little to no grains. Grain turns to sugar in the body which increases his chances of liver problems in the future. Provide vigorous daily exercise, such as a brisk walk in combination with some training that requires his mind and body to work together as needed in trick training or learning Agility. Start smart with your Westie puppy and the two of you will form an unbelievable bond!

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